Still lost in His Slumber, Cthulhu's Cult! - INTRODUCTION


shennysnek: I'm just getting into researching Cthulhu and the others from a cult standpoint. Does Cthulhu have a specific sigil like the one in Donald Tyson's Necronomicon: The Wanderings of Alhazred? Aug 6, 2020 21:49:40 GMT -6
johnathan: Hello I'm a new member I'm reading a book on Cthulhu Mythos and I was wondering if any of you guys could help me further my knowledge Apr 23, 2022 22:03:54 GMT -6 *
rae: anymore active members on here? Aug 21, 2022 18:35:03 GMT -6
thaumaturge: Welcome back to the Cult of Cthulhu Jun 28, 2023 8:54:43 GMT -6
Beast Xeno: Please excuse the mess. I'm currently reworking the forums. Jul 1, 2023 13:45:29 GMT -6
Beast Xeno: Looking at the masses of entries this may take a hot minute please standby! Jul 3, 2023 13:59:29 GMT -6
Candlelight: What exactly is this Shoutbox for? Jul 7, 2023 19:57:16 GMT -6
Beast Xeno: It's kind of like a messenger, but it seems like a redundant feature. I suppose this gives the ability to have a quick place to exchange in real time. Jul 8, 2023 12:24:30 GMT -6
Candlelight: So it's a chatroom built into the forums. That's actually kinda cool Jul 8, 2023 17:33:19 GMT -6
Beast Xeno: Yeah that's a great comparison. It's a chatroom. Jul 8, 2023 19:22:21 GMT -6
cthulhuputra: Above me the Black Light of Azathoth! Around me the shining spheres of Yog-Sothoth! Below me the Dread Shade of Cthulhu! And within me the Mad Soul of Nyarlathotep! For I am of the spiritual lineage of Nephren-Ka, High Priest of the Outer Gods! Ia! Ia! Jul 13, 2023 11:53:25 GMT -6 *
The Official Coven Of Fuckery: Nice forum so far Jul 15, 2023 18:59:46 GMT -6
thaumaturge: Cthulhuputra, that sounds like it could be a replacement for the archangels in the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram. Jul 17, 2023 7:54:22 GMT -6
Beast Xeno: Very much enjoying the creative invocations! Jul 25, 2023 15:11:06 GMT -6
Cthulhu61: Hey everyone, Hail Dread Cthulhu! Aug 6, 2023 15:02:01 GMT -6
mktheta: Salutations, thanks for having me. Aug 6, 2023 20:17:01 GMT -6
thaumaturge: Welcome both of you! There is a wealth of old Cult of Cthulhu material before the new stuff gets released this fall. So pry away into our archives as you wait. And in the meantime, make sure you read Venger Satanis' book Cthulhu Cult! Aug 7, 2023 15:52:33 GMT -6
Cthulhu61: Thank you thaumaturge, the welcome is much appreciated! I have read and reread the Cthulhu Cult book/Bible and am now going through it with a pen and highlighter. Unfortunately my concept of Reality is very much far from what it should be. Aug 10, 2023 8:54:53 GMT -6
necrocomicon459: Hello, I wish to join the cult and have a few questions before I do. Jan 29, 2024 19:20:13 GMT -6
necrocomicon459: The website spoke of a weekly ritual, what does that entail? Also, is what is written in Cthulhu Cult still what the COC abides by today? Jan 29, 2024 19:22:34 GMT -6
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